TGIF. That’s all I gots to say. This has been a looongggg week! Now I might be jumping ahead of the story but I want to write this down while it is still fresh in my uterus, I mean my mind. {see what I did there}…

Lets start at the beginning of this cycle. I came out of last month with a failed IUI/injectable cycle. It was hard, but for some reason I held it together pretty well. It is getting easier to see one line on the First Response and spotting on the tp every month. It was also easier because I knew we had one more IUI/injectable cycle left to try. Hubs has been such a gem supporting me and showing his love and compassion for me.

Anyhoo, here we are another month, another shot. Literally.  Imagine having to live your life around taking a freaking shot- oh wait- diabetics probably know what I am talking about. I have to give myself- or I should say Hubs has to give me a shot every evening. Same time, same place. 8:00pm sharp in the belly. {I am taking 75iu of Gonal-F and Menupour. I also take Ovidril when it is time to ovulate}. Let me be clear, I did not let hubs give me the shot for the first week last time. That is how dramatic I was about the whole thing. I mean it is scary. My husband is a paramedic for Gods sake and I still could not relinquish the control for a hot second, even though that is what he does for a living- gives people shots. At first the shots gave me anxiety. For those of you who know me, you know what a hypochondriac I am. Typical evening starts like this- 7:15 light the peace aromatherapy candle. 7:25 drench myself in heaven scent essential oil- this helps with calming and anxiety. 7:45 pull out meds and supplies. 7:50 lay down and meditate using deep breaths on couch. 8:00 hubs gives shot. 8:30 I didn’t die. It’s cool. I’m cool. Repeat.

Along with the shots, I have to drive to La Jolla to the doctors every other day {You are monitored closely when taking the injectable medications}. I live in Jamul. You do the math. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice catching up on new JLo music on the ride, but the traffic. I could never be a 9 to 5er. I would kill a b. This week I have had to drive to the doctors every dayyyyyyyy. It just so happens I have been moving quicker this cycle and I was ready for IUI earlier. I produced two mature follies- aka eggs- that will be released- so yes we could be blessed with twins! My doctor also decided he wanted to do back-to-back IUIs {this is when you do one IUI and then come back and do another the next day- obvi}. Good for my chances of conceiving. Not good for my va-jaja or my patience. What I mean is that every time I go to the doctors I have to get a vaginal sonogram to track my uterine lining and growing eggs. TMI but I am sore come Friday and there is no good time to show for it- if you know what I’m talking about. Not only do I have to spread my legs for some quiet and awkward Asian women every morning so she can probe around in there- I really try to engage and ask her how her morning is, but she doesn’t say anything… I also have to spread eagle for some old man- aka my awesome doctor who I really do like- to insert my hubs stuff- I mean you think it is his stuff… joke, it is, but wouldn’t that suck if they mixed it up with someone else’s?{this time we got 77million swimmers with 100% motility and 67million swimmers with 58% motility the next day. You would think with all those little guys swimming around in there they wouldn’t be so dumb as to miss two eggs!! I mean come on that’s a lot of potential babies}. So every day this week someone was up in my privates and it all happened before 9:00am. Way too early people.

IUI itself isn’t that painful. It feels like getting your annual. Afterwards is a little sucky though. You feel bloated and crampy and heavy. The whole process takes around 2 weeks. I know it doesn’t sound like a long time in the scheme of things and it really isn’t. It will all be worth it in the end! But now comes the hard part- the 2 week wait. I have been horrible at this in the past. Checking every symptom online. Testing a week before I am supposed to get my period. Reading every blog there is about everything that is. Well not this time folks. I am cruising this time. So TGIF because I am done with the meds. I am done with rando’s probing around in me. I am done worrying. Now it is a waiting game…. so I am continually visualizing, praying, and smiling for what comes next.




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