I’m sorry but isn’t a Support Group supposed to be about people gathering with the like minded? Or people going through the same thing?

I decided to give that good ole support group another shot and it was going to start tonight- until I got an email. The coordinator emailed to say “FYI I am pregnant! I understand if this is a trigger for you, it used to be mine a few years ago and I wanted to give you a heads up so you didn’t walk into an uncomfortable situation.” Although I appreciate the thoughtfulness I’m a little annoyed. I wouldn’t say I am bummed or sad- yippie I am doing well in my recovery! But I would say I am annoyed and disappointed. I thought I was finally going to find a safe place to share in grief, compassion, and faith.

Her starting and being in this support group while being pregnant is a little contradictory and frustrating to me. It’s like going to AA as a current drinker. “I used to be sober, so I totally know what you are going through. I just know how to deal with it now.”

Needless to say, no support group tonight.

Side note:: We are headed to Napa next week for our 4 year anniversary! My parents are tagging along as well as my two best friends and their beaus. I’m excited to announce none are pregnant which means lots of wine will be consumed. Crossing fingers that the earthquake didn’t steal all the wine and there will be some left for us!