So true. I have found a peace I have never felt before in regards to our infertility journey when I finally gave it all up to God.

What ever your beliefs are- God, Buddha, universe, energy, or whatever- I suggest finding something and gather strength from it. Let it go. Let it up. Have trust and faith that God knows your story better than you. Have trust and faith that peace will find you in a great way.

Redeeming Infertility

In addition to rest, God has given us so many promises for peace. Peace seems to be an undervalued gift for many Christians, possibly because the word has become a bit cliche or even somehow outdated, so it doesn’t hold much weight. When I think peace, I think of a deep, down-to-the-soul quietness, in the midst of non-quietness. I imagine someone standing in the middle of a bustling nonstop city, loud and chaotic, but he or she stands there with a calm spirit and closed eyes.

Not to be cheesy, but here is the googled definition of peace:



I like the use of the word freedom in the definition. I don’t think we always think of peace like that, but it is a freedom from or within a situation that would otherwise enslave us to fear, chaos, worry, anxiety, and/or turmoil.

One of my favorite go-to…

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